Research and Development

Skills and tools

12 High Skilled Engineers And technicians

  • Custom Power Electronics Development
    • Converter
    • Motor Drive
  • Firmware
    • Processor (C++, RTOS)
    • FPGA (up to DAL A)
  • Design office
    • 3D Modeling
    • Board design (routing and mechanical integration)
    • Configuration management
    • Part and obsolescence management

Reliable design for harsh environment (aeronautical and defense)

  • Team trained to certification process
  • Tests means
    • Climatic chambers
    • EMC test (conducted)
    • Dedicated R&D laboratory (power electronics means)
  • Tools
    • Certification tools (TRAC, Reqtify)
    • Various design tools (PSIM, FEMM, Spice …)

APS is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, an Official Organization to carry out R&D.
Working with us, you can benefit from a support of up to 30% of expenses by French Government.

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