Power Harmonic Filters OSF

System Architecture

  • AC input power + additional 28VDC input (auxiliary supply)
  • Regulated / insulated DC output power + AC output power
  • System architecture is compatible with AC and DC loads
  • Parallel active filter manages all current harmonics generated by the loads connected downstream
  • Smart digital control features harmonic by harmonic treatment and compensation, including phase an d magnitude optimisation
  • Parallel structure allows to maintain critical functionalities in operational condition even in case of harmonic compensator failure
  • Parallel harmonic compensator reduces power losses compared to serial structure, because only current harmonics flow through it (improved efficiency)
  • Reduced weight compared to serial comparable structure
  • Independent Control and Monitoring circuitries complying with highest safety levels

Parallel active filter and power factor correction

Drastically reduces current harmonic distortion from AC non-linear loads to system/subsystem or high power equipment level.


Conformance to demanding electrical network standard while featuring high efficiency level (reduced losses) and maintaining a high level of operational availability.
Low mass and very high performance for high end application.

Key features

  • Optimised design-to-costarchitecture
  • 28 Vdc input
  • H-bridge command


  • Aircraft Power Mains
  • Power Electrical Equipment



Improves power factor up to nearly 1 Operates with wild frequency three phased AC power mains (115V/200V) from 360 to 800 Hz

Nominal power

850 W

Peak power

1600 W



420 mm


90 mm


1 900 mm


Approx. 5.5 kg (active parts only)



-40°C to +85°C (normal operating conditions)
-55°C to +105°C (storage temperature)

Certification approvals

ABD 100
EN 2282

Note: Due to continuous process improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

Functional diagram