The DOMUSA group sets up in TOULOUSE

Benefiting from an excellent reputation in the MRO field and recognized worldwide thanks to its subsidiary SATORI, present for three decades on the Le Bourget airport platform, the DOMUSA group decided a few years ago to strengthen its development by backing its MRO know-how to the OEM market.

With the creation of SATHOM based in Switzerland following the acquisition of part of the activities of REVUE THOMMEN, this operation was a first step in the destiny of the DOMUSA group and its continued development.

Since September 1, 2021, the company MEGGITT Toulouse (formerly TFE Techniques and Electronic Manufacturing) located in the Actisud area, Toulouse, has had the new trade name APS (ALL PRECISION SYSTEMS), this entity now being part of the DOMUSA group.

The forty employees currently on site will initially be in charge of continuing production and R&D activities, the main aircraft manufacturers and other players of which are reassured as to the maintenance of the company and its specific skills on Toulouse soil. This operation being only a step in the growth process of the DOMUSA group, in addition to new acquisition opportunities in progress, this Toulouse site will very quickly be expanded by new activities, the MRO field of which will obviously be one of the essential assets for the continuation of this development.